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EHY-2000 Plus

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Loco-Regional Hyperthermia (LRHT) is an integrative cancer care treatment intended as an adjunct to standard of care therapy to improve overall outcome.  The EHY-2000 Plus is the only LRHT device employing the technique of Modulated Electro-Hyperthermia (mEHT) in the integrative treatment of indicated cancer.

Loco-Regional Hyperthermia (LRHT) treatment employing the scientific principle of Modulated Electro-Hyperthermia (mEHT) administered with the Oncotherm EHY-2000 Plus.

The EHY-2000 Plus Device consists of three (3) integrated primary components:

The EHY-2000 Plus main RF-unit (treatment tower)

The treatment tower is responsible for power generation and treatment control.  Electrical power from a standard AC 110V 60 Hz wall outlet is governed and supplied to the systems Amplifier Module.  The amplifier generates the Radio Frequency (RF) current which is fed to the RF Tuner Module for calibration and system matching.  A process Control Module provides overall system control, including extensive built in safety mechanisms as required by ISO: 13485:2003/AC:2007 Quality Management Standards and IEC 60601-1-2 Electrical Safety Standards.  The treatment tower supplies and governs power output through shielded cable to the treatment bed.

The WEY-2000 Plus waterbed (treatment bed):

The treatment bed is responsible for patient comfort, application of the mobile treatment electrode to the patient, and completion of the RF energy circuit.  The treatment bed consists of an articulated arm to which the mobile treatment electrode is attached for ease of positioning on the patient.  The treatment bed provides a platform for a water mattress on which the patient is positioned.  Also integrated into the treatment bed platform is the counter electrode that runs the length and breadth of the surface directly under the water mattress. The foot of the treatment bed houses a pumping unit that circulates cooling water to the mobile treatment electrode, as well as a heating unit that maintains the water mattress at temperatures appropriate for patient comfort and treatment efficiency.  Three (3) different diameter mobile treatment electrodes are easily interchangeable on the articulated arm to allow for coverage over varying sizes of the treatment area.  Electrode diameters: Small – 10 cm, Normal – 20 cm, Large – 30 cm.  The underside water bolus of the electrode maintains separation between the electrode transmission surface and the patient.  Cooling water circulates through transparent hoses and over the electrode as an added safety feature to ensure patient comfort.

The controlled RF energy supplied by the EHY-2000 Plus treatment tower is transmitted to the patient through the mobile treatment electrode.  The RF energy passes through the patient treatment area to the counter electrode under the water mattress, thus completing the RF energy circuit.

The Web Box (computer interface unit)

The computer interface unit is responsible for information storage and remote control of the treatment tower.  The Web Box is equipped with an electronic interface solution developed by Oncotherm that provides remote control options from a main computer workstation, located at the technicians area within the treatment room.  Control of treatment power and duration is possible through the interface software without impacting the patient safety mechanisms inherent in the EHY-2000 Plus treatment tower.  The software also incorporates a tool for creating treatment protocols, collecting/archiving patient treatment data and generating statistical information.


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meQ Quality of Life Evaluation Tool

The meQ - medical electronic Questionnaire is a powerful tool for conducting electronic patient surveys. meQ utilizes the latest technically advanced touchscreen tablet computers and features a single-source, coordinated hard/software system. meQ makes it possible to conduct surveys on a fixed station or mobile device. In the past, patients were required to fill out paper questionnaires. With meQ, the entire patient survey process, from data collection to data analysis can be undertaken in a single step and with a minimum of effort.

Surveys using paper questionnaires have significant disadvantages:

• incompletely or ambiguously filled out forms, or even lost questionnaires.

• entering questionnaire responses into PC spread sheets is an arduous and monotonous task for staff and is therefore also prone to error.

• exhaustive analyses consume valuable staff resources, resulting in additional expenditures.

• significant post-survey delay before meaningful results can be obtained.


meQ makes patient surveys elegant and easy:

• no erroneous or incomplete information

• reduces staff workloads

• easily understandable and attractive user interface for patients

• extensively automated data analysis

• meaningful results presented in tabular and graphic form


meQ functions as a standalone solution right out of the box, which at any time can be expanded to a network solution. meQ can of course also be integrated into other software such as HIS, practice software, or documentation board via the HL7-interface.  The optional meQ-Online-Survey and meQ-Follow-up modules offer additional system functions.
The system's modular design with a broad spectrum of easy-to-operate meQ-controlled features ranging from stand-alone, to networking and even cloud solutions, make it suitable for quality of life assessments, psychological tests, and quality assurance surveys.
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EHY-1020 IL

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The EHY-1000 series has been specially developed for prostate treatment. With the EHY-1020, both malignant and benign tumors can be treated. In addition to the system itself, a special catheter set is required for the treatment, which consists of a catheter and counter electrode. The EHY-1020 floor-mounted system is compact and easy to use. The method has been successfully used by our international customers for many years, and has demonstrated no side effects or risks for the patient.


When used for the treatment of malignant tumors, the EHY-1020 targets the tumor cells selectively and accurately, utilizing the Oncothermia principle.  Focusing is achieved and results realized for solid tumor lesions as well as the scattered tumor cells throughout the prostate.


For benign tumors the dominant influence on this disease is even heating. Temperature is the active factor

in this treatment and can be increased until physiological toxicity occurs. The exact temperature can be precisely determined and controlled by the built-in microprocessors of the calibrated catheters. These treatment parameters have a curative effect on the BPH and ensure the safety of the carcinoma treatment.

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Booster Unit

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The Oncotherm Booster Unit was developed for Oncology and recommended for use as a supplement to chemotherapy and general drug treatments. It is not intended to be a stand-alone treatment device, but should be used in a supporting role with drug treatments to enhance their effects. The purpose of the Booster is to increase the blood flow in the treatment area. Selection at the cellular level does not occur, only a heating of the deep layers of tissue in the region where the electrode is positioned. The deep-heating effect is a result of Joule loss and leads to vascular dilatation in the treatment area, that, in turn, improves blood perfusion and thus the drugs (and more oxygen) are transported to the treatment area. The temperature in this area is 37-39°C (moderate, classic Hyperthermia), and this is the optimum temperature for the Booster’s effect.


Uses in oncology

The use of the Booster in oncology can help to increase the action of both chemotherapy and other drugs. It can be used with all common cytostatics regardless whether these are administered orally, intravenously, rectally, inhaled or percutaneously. The Booster can be used for treating all types of cancer. The only limitation is the size of the electrodes.


How the Booster works

The Booster‘s effect is achieved by increasing the blood flow in the region of the tumor through deep-heating between 37 and 39 °C. By using the Booster in treatment, the blood volume perfusing the tumor can be increased proportionally to the concentration of the cytostatics used. As a result, the oxygen concentration in the blood rises and thus supports the metabolism of the cytostatics. The increased concentration of cytostatics in the desired area, with a lower concentration of cytostatics outside of the target area, is also a positive effect of using the Booster in treatment.

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The EHY-3000 series

The EHY-3000 series with the EHY-3010 ML is a new development in the field of Oncothermia.  The EHY-3010 operates based on the same scientific principles of Oncothermia as is the EHY-2000 Plus.  Instead of a bolus electrode, this system uses textile electrodes, which are even more flexible to adjust to the treatment area. It is intended for use in the simultaneous multi-local treatment of advanced, metastasizing, malignant and solid tumors. Due to the highly flexible textile electrodes, almost all tumor locations can be treated.

The EHY-3000 series systems can also treat large body regions. The heating effect is however fundamentally different to whole-body heating: whole-body Hyperthermia heats the tumor through heated blood and the overall body temperature is increased in the process, while the EHY-3010 only heats the tumor.

The overall body temperature remains unchanged. The exclusive heating of the tumor without heating the whole body is highly significant for physiological reasons. This special feature of the EHY-3000 series means that, unlike with Whole-Body Hyperthermia, neither the patients’ pulse nor their other vital signs deviate from the normal range. The treatment is straightforward both for the doctor and for the patient and the patient's body does not undergo additional stress. No preparatory procedures or follow-up treatments are required, which can be a major time factor in other treatments.

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HT-3000 - Whole Body Hyperthermia

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The HT-3000

A healthy organism reacts to the threat of illness with regulated increases in temperature, progressing in acute cases to a high fever which can trigger an enhanced immune response.

Body temperature plays a crucial role in the regulation of the immune system. Fever can be considered as being a natural temporary “immunological special program”.

Accordingly, an artificially induced increase in body temperature can result in a sustained stimulation of otherwise inhibited powers of self-healing, even in cases involving chronic or malignant processes.


The controlled increase in body temperature:

- besides counteracting symptoms, can also influence faulty regulatory processes within the whole organism

- promotes reparation and regenerative processes in each individual cell and in the entire matrix, particularly in bradytrophic tissues

- results in sustained muscle relaxation even in the deep-lying, most inaccessible muscle layers

- enhances numerous immunological processes, particularly lymphocyte migration to sites of inflammation and malignant processes

- improves delivery of medicinal substances to the site of action

- enhances the efficiency of various antibiotic and chemotherapeutic substances

- is well-founded and can be measured and controlled during application

- utilizes one of the oldest traditional principles of healing


Whole body hyperthermia can be combined effectively with administration of pyrogenic substances.


Whole body hyperthermia is a supportive therapy module that can be combined synergistically with other therapies to treat indications such as:

-fibromyalgia, nonarticular rheumatism, muscular tension

-degenerative processes, arthrosis

-chronic inflammatory processes bronchopulmonary (e.g. asthma, bronchitis), intestinal (e.g. ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease), urogenital (e.g. chronic prostatitis), dermatological (e.g. neurodermatitis, psoriasis)

-chronic infections (e.g. Lyme disease)

-malignant diseases (stimulation of the immune system and enhancement of standard therapies)

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